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Designed for smooth, easy, repeatable transactions that save you time and maintain FedMet as your preferred home for aluminum copper radiators. Schedule deliveries with a single click (yes, for real!). Receive prompt notifications with accurate information. Access the documents and numbers you need—from any device, 24/7.

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1-Click Scheduling

Easy-peasy. Eliminates the back and forth from emails, calls and texts.

The 411, Personalized

Get all the information you need, the way you want it.


Web-enabled, intuitive platform for convenient use on any device, anytime.

Custom Alerts

Order and appointment confirmations, received weights, quality issues and more.

A/P Done E/Z

Prompt settlements. Access to payment status. Notification when funds go out.

New Features Coming Soon

Opt-in to “FastMoney” capability. Regular pricing indications for traders. And more!

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