Wilkoff & Sons LLC scrap metal

Come Work With Us!

At FedMet, we provide a challenging and supportive environment for anyone willing to work hard and learn new skills. Our opportunities vary frequently, but we are always open to receiving resumes from people who are interested in working for us.

Why Work Here?

We strive to be the supplier of choice to the leading aluminum and copper mills of the US, the customer of choice to select generators of clean and irony-end ACRs, and the employer of choice in the North American ACR recycling industry.

Ready to join our team? If you have the skills and abilities listed below, and would like to advance your career, we want to hear from you today! Just complete the brief form on this page, let us know why you would be a good fit at FedMet, and someone will follow up to discuss your potential employment shortly.

  1. Mechanical aptitude
  2. Attention to detail (identification, sorting, recording)
  3. Perform simple math calculations (addition, subtraction, percentages)
  4. Read, write, and follow SOPs written in English
  5. Keep accurate records
  6. Work both independently and as a member of a team
  7. Operate a forklift
  8. Lift up 50-60 lbs.

Ready for a challenging opportunity that fosters growth and provides a solid career path? FedMet is a great place to work hard and advance! Please submit your contact information and job history here.