PSA® (Pre-Melt Specification Aluminum) Products

On Grade 1100 with 0.20% max Copper

"We produce high purity, direct melt 1100 aluminum generated from post-consumer HVAC-R scrap. We customize solutions to fit the needs of rolling mills that are accustomed to melting prime and RSI but want to increase their recycled content and lower their metal costs without sacrificing chemistry or yield."

—Kyle Landrum, General Manager of our Arkansas processing facility

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What is PSA®020 Aluminum?

It’s the latest and most advanced Pre-Melt Specification Aluminum (PSA) product developed exclusively by FedMet as an alternative to more expensive prime and RSI (remelt secondary ingot). It comes from a single raw material input, utilizes a dry process, and has been proven to consistently meet the Aluminum Association’s 1100 chemical composition. We currently ship it in blocks (7 lb briquettes) or as granulated flake (fractions 1/16” to 1/2”). COMING SOON: additional product offerings.


For Exacting FRP Manufacturers

Fin stock. Foil. Can sheet. EV batteries. FRP manufacturers need to know exactly what’s going into the furnace. PSA020 is certified chemistry that maintains rigid adherence to the standards of 1100 aluminum. Now you can reliably turn to post-consumer generated metal for a direct-melt solution to reduce your carbon footprint with confidence.

We Partner With the Leading
Rolling Mills to Provide Value

As a leading brass and bronze ingot manufacturer, we are a scrap consumer too—with low tolerance for scrap quality inconsistencies. We have a special and aligned perspective. We are very particular and exacting in our manufacturing process, so we provide you with the same high standards we require ourselves. We have a full metallurgical laboratory, certified 1100 standards, and conduct regular loss-on-ignition (LOI) tests. We set very aggressive sorting parameters in our equipment (effectively retaining aluminum in the copper fraction) to achieve a near pure aluminum fraction. We can do this because many of our ingot specifications include aluminum as a major alloying element.

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