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Recycling Aluminum Copper Radiators (ACRs)

Helping Producers Use More Post-Consumer HVAC-R Scrap
and Less Primary Metal

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If you’re producing semi-finished aluminum or copper, increase the recycled content of your products by using more scrap and less primary metal. Scrap is more economically advantageous, requires less energy to produce and is environmentally sustainable.


FedMet has invested extensively in the most advanced processing and sorting equipment, implemented exacting procedures and testing parameters, and developed remarkably innovative new methods. The result? We can now offer you a customized, one-of-a-kind metal management solution.

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"This Ain't Your Grandfather's
Radiator Flake!"

Our unrelenting focus on consistent quality and highly engineered products is designed to minimize variation in both chemistry and yield—traits associated with most third-party scrap. Instead, our mill ready direct melt products adhere to rigid specifications, following a grave-to-cradle cycle that minimizes greenhouse gas emissions and allows this metal to emerge again through casting, ultimately giving new life to tomorrow’s essential aluminum and copper products.

PSA®020 Aluminum

FedMet PSA (pre-melt specification aluminum) offers cost savings to manufacturers of aluminum fin stock, foil, can sheet and other applications that would otherwise be using more expensive prime aluminum or aluminum RSI (remelt secondary ingot).

C110 & Cathode Alternative

FedMet C110 granules provide manufacturers of copper tube, wire rod, bus bar, and other shapes with 99.5%+ high-grade copper for direct melting. We continue to innovate and develop new recycled copper products capable of replacing copper cathode.

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